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2014 Media Clippings

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December 2014

Adobe 12/25/14 Miami Today, "Traffic Study Geared to Handle New Downtown Challenges"
Adobe 12/25/14 Miami Today, "Projects Geared to Revamp Downtown Back To Drawing Board"
Adobe 12/25/14 Miami Today, "Downtown Again Kicks in 50000 for Tech Conference"
Adobe 12/16/14 Wall Street Journal, "Miami Condo Project Looks to Lure Chinese Buyers"
Adobe 12/16/14 Miami Herald, "DDA Downtown Miami Rents Up 6 Percent in 2014"
Adobe 12/05/14 Miami Herald, "Art Basel Means Business"
Adobe 12/04/14 Institutional Investor, "Private Money Meets Contemporary Art in Miami"
Adobe  12/03/14 NY Post, "Bite Out of Basel"

November 2014

Adobe  11/27/14 Palm Beach Post, "All Aboard Florida"
Adobe 11/12/14 FastCoExist, "Millennials Are Flocking To Miami Where They Might All Drown Soon"
Adobe  11/01/14  SFBW, "AlvahChapmans Spirit Lives On"

October 2014

Adobe 10/27/14 Bloomberg News, "Miami Building Boom Spreads Into Downtown’s Tent City"
Adobe  10/15/14 Miami Today, "The Achiever: Brian Alonso"
Adobe 10/08/14 Miami Herald, "Miami World Center plans posied for crucial vote"
Adobe 10/02/14 Community Newspapers, "Port MIami Tunnel Marks First Month of Operation"
Adobe 10/01/14 Real Deal, "Slow but steady gains"
Adobe 10/01/14 Real Deal, "Home sweet home sales"
Adobe 10/01/14 Departures, "The Billion Dollar Skyline"
Adobe  10/01/14 Departures, "Miami's Hedge Fund Mania"

September 2014

Adobe 09/29/14 New Times, "Fringe Projects Curator Amanda Sanfilippo"
Adobe 09/26/14 Huffpost Miami, "An Idiot's Guide to Miami"
Adobe 09/24/14 Miami Today, "Port tunnel traffic grows"
Adobe 09/21/14 Local10, "Miami Art Festival Kicks Off Downtown"
Adobe 09/21/14 Associated Press, "Miami art festival season kicks off downtown"
Adobe 09/19/14 Miami Herald, "Art Days Weekend Cover"
Adobe 09/18/14 El Nuevo Herald, "Fin de semana de las artes en el centro de Miami"
Adobe 09/18/14 MetroCitizen, "Miami Dade Art in Public Places and the Miami Downtown Development Authority Commission Fringe Installations for Art Days"
Adobe 09/16/14 Miami New Times, "As Miami's Busiest Art Season Looms, Top Galleries Leave Wynwood For Downtown and Miami Beach"
Adobe 09/16/14, "Downtown Art Days Promotes Arts and Culture in Miami This Weekend"
Adobe   09/15/14 Miami New Times, "DWNTWN Art Days Kickoff Features Exhibits, Short Films, and Food Trucks"
Adobe 09/15/14 INYBN, "Downtown Miami Dresses Up With Art And Culture"
Adobe 09/10/14 WLRN, "How Finance Keeps South Florida Industries Together"
Adobe 09/10/14 SoFlaNights, "Art Days"
Adobe 09/09/14 Miami Herald, "Downtown Miami emerging as retail destination"
Adobe 09/03/14 Miami New Times, "Art Days Fringe Projects and Frosts Maker Space"
Adobe   09/01/14   Shopping Center Business, "Economic Development"

August 2014

Adobe 08/26/14 Ocean Drive, "Whats New at This Years Art Days"
Adobe 08/21/14 Law360, "Saks Fifth Avenue to Anchor Brickell City Centrein Miami"
Adobe 08/19/14 National Law Review, "Foreign Investors Still Stimulating Miami’s Real Estate Boom"
Adobe 08/12/14 Miami Art Scene, "Fringe Installations For 3rd Annual Art Days"
Adobe 08/11/14 Miamiandbeaches, "Discover arts and culture in downtown miami"
Adobe 08/11/14 Miami New Times, "Discover arts and culture in downtown Miami"
Adobe 08/11/14 Miami Herald Events Calendar, "Discover arts and culture in dwntwn miami"
Adobe 08/11/14 WLRN, "Discover arts and culture in downtown miami"
Adobe 08/10/14, "Something strange is happening in Miami"
Adobe 08/08/14 Zvents, "Discover arts and culture"
Adobe 08/08/14 Yelp Miami, "Discover arts and culture"
Adobe 08/08/14 NBC 6 Miami, "Discover arts and culture"
Adobe 08/08/14 Miami, "Discover arts and culture"
Adobe 08/08/14 Eventful, "Dicover arts and Culture in DWNTWN"
Adobe 08/08/14 CBS 4 Miami, "Discover arts and culture in DWTWN"
Adobe 08/01/14 Governing Magazine, "More Pedestrian Deaths Occur in Poor Neighborhoods"
Adobe 08/01/14 Curbed Miami, "Miami is Third in the Nation for Residential Price Gains"
Adobe   08/01/14   Ocean Drive, "Ultimate Summer Bucket List from Ocean Drive Staffers"

July 2014

Adobe 07/30/14 Fox Business News, "International Buyers Rush Miami"
Adobe  07/30/14 Miami Today, "Flagler Facelift Bids in September To Engineer a New Railroad Theme"
Adobe 07/30/14    Miami Today, "Fastest Downtown Residential Growth in Brickell Edgewater"
Adobe 07/28/14 ExMiami, "Miami Turbocharged By Surge of Well Educated Well Off South Americans"
Adobe 07/25/14 Multihousing News Online, "Condo Prices Skyrocket in Downtown Miami"
Adobe 07/25/14 Miami Herald, "Leaving mean streets to make clean streets"
Adobe 07/25/14 Miami Herald, "Once Homeless Return To Help Miami's Mean Streets"
Adobe 07/24/14 NYT, "Influx of South Americans Drive Miamis Reinvention"
Adobe 07/24/14 Miami Today, "FYI Miami"
Adobe 07/24/14 Mercado De Dinero, "Downtown Miami Condo Prices Soar"
Adobe 07/24/14, "Downtown Miami Condo Rise"
Adobe 07/23/14 Miami DDA Press Release, "Downtown Miami Condo Prices Soar 75% in Two Years as Current Development Wave Nears Midway Point"
Adobe 07/23/14 Miami DDA Press Release, "Se Dispara un 75 Por Ciento en Dos Años los Precios de Condominios en el Downtown de Miami Durante Ola Actual Ya que Se Acerca a la Mitad de Desarrollo"
Adobe 07/23/14 Wall Street Journal, "Condo Builders Fuel Land Rush in Miami"
Adobe 07/22/14 Local10, "Foreign cash buyers keep Miami luxury condo market growing"
Adobe 07/21/14 WSVN, "Camillus House Receives Major Gift"
Adobe 07/14/14 DBR, "Miami Loses Economic Boost With LeBron Leaving"
Adobe 07/11/14 SFBJ, "LeBron Leaves Miami For Celeveland"
Adobe 07/11/14 NBC6, "LeBron James to Sign With the Cleveland Cavaliers"
Adobe 07/11/14 CBS4, "LeBron’s Decision Could Have Impact On South Florida’s Economy"
Adobe 07/07/14 Miami Herald, "Thanks LeBron"
Adobe 07/07/14 Miami Herald, "LeBron James Era Ends"
Adobe  07/07/14, "How Will LeBron’s Exit Impact Miami CRE"
Adobe   07/02/14 BBC, "Crossroads for Latin America"

June 2014

Adobe 06/26/14   Ocean Drive, "Betting On Miami"
Adobe 06/11/14 Miami Today, "Letter To The Editor"
Adobe 06/11/14 Miami Today, "Flagler On track"
Adobe 06/09/14 El Nuevo Herald, "Latinoamericanos reviven la construcción en Miami"
Adobe 06/08/14 World City News, "Brazils XP Securities Join Miamis Growing Hub For Investment Firms"
Adobe 06/08/14 Opalesque, "North America Brazils XP Securities Joins Miamis Growing Hub For Investment Firms"
Adobe 06/06/14 MiamiFinanceForum, "Brazils Largest Broker-Dealer, XP Securities, Opens Downtown MIami"
Adobe 06/06/14 Associated Press, "Latinoamericanos reviven la construccion en Miami"
Adobe 06/04/14 SFBJ, "Brazilian Investment Firm Opens Miami Office To Hire Dozens"
Adobe 06/04/14 Miami Herald, "Brazils XP Securities Opening Office in Downtown Miami"
Adobe 06/02/14   WLRN, "Homelessness and Mental Health Panel"
Adobe 06/01/14 Florida Trend, "Business Briefs"
Adobe   06/01/14 Biscayne Times, "They Built It and Yes People Are Coming"

May 2014

Adobe 05/25/14 CBS 4 Miami, "Healthy Minds Healthy Businesses"
Adobe 05/23/14 Miami Community Newspaper, "Miami Dade College to Host Miami DDA’s Healthy Minds, Healthy Business Panel"

AUDIO - 880 AM, "The Biz: Healthy Minds, Healthy Business - Judge Leifman"

Adobe 05/21/14, "Healthy Minds Healthy Business"
Adobe 05/21/14 Miami Herald Events Calendar, "Healthy Minds Healthy Business"
Adobe 05/21/14 DowntownMiami, "Healthy Mind Healthy Business"
Adobe 05/21/14 WLRN, "Miami Dade College to Host Miami DDA’s Healthy Minds, Healty Business Panel"
Adobe 05/17/14 Miami Herald, "Give people with mental illness treatment not a jail cell"
Adobe 05/16/14 WLRN, "How Miami Wants To Revitalize Downtown"
Adobe 05/09/14 Miami Herald, "Carl Icahns son Brett Icahn and business partner said to be starting a hedge fund management firm in Miami"
Adobe 05/09/14 Florida Trend, "Universa Acclaim"
Adobe 05/08/14 ENR Southeast, "Miami's Brickell Condo Scene Feels Like Deja Vu"
05/07/14 Local 10, "Beautify The Boulevard"
05/07/14 AUDIO - 880 AM "The Biz: Technology, SIME MIA"
Adobe 05/07/14 Miami Herald, "Brickell Condo Boom Feels Like Deja Vu"

April 2014 

Adobe 04/23/14 Curbed Miami, "Exhibit and Book Illustrate Downtown's Beautiful Historic Facades"
Adobe 04/21/14 WLRN, "Train Is The New... Train"
04/16/14 AUDIO - 880 AM "The Biz: Arts, ULI - Building Smart and Beautiful"
Adobe 04/11/14 Miami Herald, "Downtown Development Authority Backs PortMiami Soccer Stadium"
Adobe 04/09/14 WorldCity, "California Hedge Fund Moving to Miami"
Adobe 04/04/14 SFBJ, "How South Florida can revive a flagging convention"
04/02/14 AUDIO - 880 AM "The Biz: Chairman of the Miami DDA, Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff"


 March 2014

Adobe 03/25/14 WSVN, "Preps for Ultra Underway in Downtown Miami"
Adobe 03/21/14 Daily Business Review, "Thanks Bill NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio s Push To Increase Taxes Helps Miami Some Say"
03/19/14 AUDIO - 880 AM "The Biz: Technology, SpiderBoost"
Adobe 03/19/14 Miami Today, "Hedge funds find Miamis lures powerful incentives to move"
Adobe 03/18/14 GlobeSt, "California Hedge Fund Relocating to Miami"
03/05/14 AUDIO - 880 AM "The Biz: Finance, Miami Finance Forum"
Adobe 03/04/14 SoFlaNights, "Facade Exhibit Opening and Book Signing"
Adobe 03/04/14 Eventful, "Facade Exhibit Opening & Book Signing"
Adobe 03/03/14 Miami Herald, "Facade Calendar Listing"
Adobe 03/03/14 Community Newspaper, "Facade Book Event Calendar Listing"

February 2014

Adobe 02/26/14 Miami Today, "Hedge funds target Miami homes"
Adobe 02/24/14 Seattle Pi, "Miami Is Wall Street South- Here's Why"
Adobe 02/24/14 Business Insider, "Miami Is Wall Street South- Here's Why"
Adobe 02/24/14 AJC, "Miami Is Wall Street South- Here's Why"
Adobe 02/19/14 SFBJ, "Hedge fund moves from California to Miami"
Adobe 02/19/14 Opalesque, "Hedge Fund Universa Moves to Miami"
Adobe 02/19/14 Miami Herald, "California Hedge Fund Universa Moving Its Base to Miami"
02/19/14 AUDIO - 880 AM "The Biz: Finance, Hedge Fund Association"
Adobe 02/18/14 GlobeSt, "What Investors Really Want From Miami"
Adobe 02/16/14 Miami Herald, "Beckham and PortMiami Plans Conflict"
Adobe 02/14/14 GlobeSt, "Downtown Miami's Next Big CRE Trend Is..."
Adobe 02/14/14 South FL Business Journal, "Best of the Week - Miami's Tech Rise"
02/05/14 AUDIO - 880 AM "The Biz: Finance, Shay Assets Management"

January 2014

Adobe 01/31/14 South FL Business Journal, "Top 100 Power Leaders - Neisen Kasdin"
Adobe 01/31/14 South Florida Business Journal, "Travel and Logisitics Dominate New Crop of Startups"
Adobe 01/27/14 Local-10 Miami, "Condo boom is back"
Adobe 01/23/14 Miami Herald, "Miami developers launch three condo projects in one day"
Adobe 01/09/14, "Three Retail Real Estate Predictions for 2014"
Adobe 01/07/14 Money News, "Miami Boom Signals First Rating Increase Since 2004"
Adobe 01/07/14 Daily Business Review, "Miami Boom Signals First Rating Increase Since 2004"
Adobe 01/07/14 Bloomberg News, "Miami Boom Signals First Rating Increase Since 2004"
Adobe 01/01/14 Ocean Drive, "Real estate roundtable - developing downtown"

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