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2015 Media Clippings

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December 2015

Adobe 12/30/15 Policy Mic, "Miami Is Showing the Rest of the Country How to Treat the Homeless"
Adobe 12/30/15 The Real Deal, "Where is Miami in the real estate cycle on the eve of 2016"
Adobe 12/29/15 Huffington Post Impact, "Miami Installs Free Public Bathrooms For Homeless People"
Adobe 12/27/15 Miami Herald, "South Florida’s best business stories of 2015"
Adobe 12/23/15 Miami Today, "Vacant port land 'on fast track'"
Adobe 12/23/15 Miami Today, "Long awaited Flagler Street renovation to start in January"
Adobe 12/23/15 Miami Today, "Downtown in the dark on fixing lights"
Adobe 12/23/15 Miami Today, "Downtown agency told to seek traffic solutions"
Adobe 12/23/15 Miami Today, "241-sign wayfinding plan may cost downtown agency more"
Adobe 12/21/15 Miami Herald, "Metrorail tries out a new express service to downtown"
Adobe 12/21/15 Miami Herald - Business Monday, "Expect slow growth in South Fla."
Adobe 12/13/15 Univision, "Banos Para Indigentes"
Adobe 12/12/15 Kansas City Star, "Miami mayor $500K porta potty program a success"
Adobe 12/11/15 MiamiHerald, "Miami mayor - $500K porta potty program a success"
Adobe 12/02/15 MiamiHerald, "Art Basel’s impact felt beyond the Beach"

November 2015

Adobe 11/27/15 MiamiHerald, "Art Basel Week 2015 guide - How to get around"
Adobe 11/26/15 The New York Times, "In Miami, the Brainy Side of the Beach"
Adobe 11/06/15 GlobeSt, "How Will Downtown Fix the Traffic Issue"
Adobe 11/05/15 GlobeSt, "Should We Expect a ‘Soft Landing’ in This Cycle"
Adobe 11/03/15 GlobeSt, "How This Cycle is Different Than the Last One"

October 2015

Adobe 10/28/15 Miami Today, "21% of traffic-blocking bridge openings broke rules"
Adobe 10/28/15 Miami Today, "Condo potential downtown grows to 26,000"
Adobe 10/25/15 Diario Las Americas, "Downtown Miami, cada vez mas lejano del b..."
Adobe 10/22/15 Real Estate BisNow, "Downtown Miami's at the Midpoint of the Cycle"
Adobe 10/21/15 Miami New Times, "THE 11 BEST THINGS TO DO IN MIAMI THIS WEEK"
Adobe 10/21/15 Miami Herald, "Buy or Rent For millennials in South Florida housing study has an answer"
Adobe 10/21/15 Miami Today, "DDA"
Adobe 10/21/15 SoFlaNights, "Downtown's Historic Olympia Theater Hosts an Evening of Storytelling"
Adobe 10/21/15 GlobeSt, "The Truth About Miami’s Condo Cycle"
Adobe 10/16/15 MiamiHerald, "Storytelling Evening"
Adobe 10/15/15 World Property Journal, "Downtown Miami Development Boom Headed for Soft Landing, Says DDA"
Adobe 10/15/15 The Real Deal, "Downtown Miami at cycle midpoint, pricing will stabilize - report"
Adobe 10/15/15 Miami Herald, "Miami Building Boom Drawing to a Close"
Adobe 10/15/15 Market Watch, "Downtown Miami Condo Prices and Rents Rise as Residential Market Settles into Midpoint of Development Cycle"
Adobe 10/15/15 FloridaTrend, "Miami’s downtown building boom drawing to a close"
Adobe 10/15/15 Builder, "Downtown Miami Condo Market Set For A Fall"
Adobe 10/14/15 The Real Deal, "Downtown Miami at cycle midpoint, pricing will stabilize report"
Adobe 10/01/15 Miami Today, "Short-term Brickell, downtown traffic fixes"

September 2015

Adobe 09/29/15 Ocean Drive, "Real Estate Reality"
Adobe 09/25/15 Miami Herald, "Displacement of Dimensions Variable gallery will test Miami Worldcenter’s commitment to art"
Adobe 09/24/15 MetroJacksonville, "Jax vs. Miami - Downtowns Headed in Opposite Directions"
Adobe 09/23/15 Miami Today, "Miami DDA"
Adobe 09/22/15 MetroJacksonville, "Jax vs. Miami Downtowns Headed in Opposite Directions"
Adobe 09/22/15 Newsweek, "Florida - Redefining Business and Luxury"
Adobe 09/19/15 The Washington Post, "What $50 million gets you in Miami’s resurgent condo market"
Adobe 09/15/15 NBC 6 Miami, "Art Days"
Adobe 09/15/15 Miami New Times, "Dwntwn Art Days 2015"
Adobe 09/11/15 El Nuevo Herald, "Art Days 2015, fin de semana artístico en el ‘downtown’ de Miami"
Adobe 09/11/15 The New Tropic, "Chase the muse at DWNTWN Art Days"
Adobe 09/11/15 Miami, "DWNTWN Art Days 2015 this weekend"
Adobe 09/11/15 Miami Herald, "Dwntwn Art Days"
Adobe 09/11/15 Huffington Post Miami, "Miami Relax, Bro -- We're Not Disappearing"
Adobe 09/10/15 Art Daily News, "Downtown Art Days Miami"
Adobe 09/10/15 Miami Herald, "New exhibit helps the blind and those with sight ‘see’ downtown Miami architecture"
Adobe 09/10/15 Miami New Times, "FIVE DWNTOWN ART DAYS 2015 EVENTS YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS"
Adobe 09/10/15 Miami Herald, "Art Days Weekend Giants in the City"
Adobe 09/10/15 Miami Herald, "Art Days festival to take over downtown"
Adobe 09/10/15, "Miami’s hottest neighbourhoods are revitalising the city’s arts and design districts"
Adobe 09/09/15 Biscayne Times, "Art Days 2015 Events"
09/09/15 WLRN, "Sunday Brunch with the Arts"
Adobe 09/09/15 WLRN, "Art Days 2015 Celebrates New, Established Artists In Downtown Miami"
Adobe 09/08/15 MiamiHerald, "Art Days to take over downtown Miami Friday, Saturday and Sunday"
Adobe 09/05/15 Herald Sun, "Miami’s hottest neighbourhoods are revitalising the city’s arts and design districts"

August 2015

Adobe 08/25/15 Wall Street Journal online, "In Miami’s Flagler Street Area, Investors Pay High Prices for Low-Rent Properties"
Adobe 08/25/15 Business Insider, "Foreign investors are scrambling to buy US housing"
Adobe 08/21/15 GlobeSt, "DOC Report Reveals Miami Catching Up to New York"
Adobe 08/19/15 Florida Leadership Magazine, "Downtowns Breathe Life into Cities"
Adobe 08/19/15 Florida Leadership Magazine, "Neisen Kasdin"
Adobe 08/13/15 Miami New Times, "MIAMI SPICE 2015 - BEST DOWNTOWN RESTAURANTS"
Adobe 08/10/15 Collaborate, "Miami Spice"
Adobe 08/09/15 MiamiHerald, "In downtown Miami’s Brickell, rising towers loom over choking traffic"
Adobe 08/07/15 Financial Times, "Miami enjoys record home sales"
Adobe 08/02/15 CBS Miami, "Facing South Florida - Downtown Miami Development"
July 2015

Adobe 07/31/15 MiamiHerald, "Miami commissioner hand-delivers publicly funded 'accomplishment' books"
Adobe 07/23/15 JauntMagazine, "Hot Town, Summer in Miami"
Adobe 07/23/15 GlobeSt, "Condo Developers Compete With Wild Amenities"
Adobe 07/18/15 Miami Herald, "Mats matter"
Adobe 07/09/15 Mansion Global, "Miami’s Extreme Amenities"
Adobe 07/08/15 Infobae, "Reporte de condominios en el Downtown de Miami"
Adobe 07/07/15 Curbed, "Downtown transportation - Carnival cruising to Cuba"
Adobe 07/05/15 The Real Deal, "Miami condo sellers look to China amid Latin slump"
Adobe 07/02/15 Wall Street Journal online, "Miami Condos Seek Chinese Buyers"

June 2015

Adobe 06/30/15, "Miami-Dade County Commission discusses how to best serve homeless"
Adobe 06/29/15 Miami New Times, "Downtown Miami homeless street excretment fight reaches county commission"
Adobe 06/26/15 The Real Deal, "Why You Should Visit Miami… NOW!"
Adobe 06/24/15 Miami Today, "Condo launches slowing"
Adobe 06/23/15 Barrons, "Miami’s Condo Market Nearing Price Correction"
Adobe 06/22/15 Fusion, "Miami has a public pooping problem"
Adobe 06/19/15 Miami Herald, "Miami Mayor offers to pay for roving downtown toilet program"
Adobe 06/17/15 Creator, "Beyond the Beach, Miami Heats Up as the Region’s Tech Hub"
Adobe 06/17/15 Daily Business Review, "Development Authority Report"
Adobe 06/15/15 GlobeSt, "Report - Downtown Miami Condo Market Shifting"
Adobe 06/11/15 BizBash, "3 Reasons The Strong Dollar Doesn't Scare the Condo Market"
Adobe 06/10/15 MiamiHerald, "All Aboard Florida talks of expanding downtown Miami project"
Adobe 06/09/15 South FL Business Journal, "Weaker foreign currencies put damper on downtown Miami condo market, report says"
Adobe 06/08/15 Miami New Times, "Miami Developers forced to market condos to actual Americans"
Adobe 06/08/15 Economic Times, "Strong dollar, rising prices kills condo craze in the US; sales take a hit"
Adobe 06/06/15 ArkansasOnline, "Dollar's rise slows buyers in Miami condo market"
Adobe 06/05/15 The Real Deal, "Condo prices and rents flattening in downtown Miami: report"
Adobe 06/05/15 Daily Business Review, "Miami's Luxury Condo Craze Burns Out on Strong Dollar"
Adobe 06/05/15 BloombergBusinessweek, "Miami’s Hot Condo Market Cools as Dollar Derails Buyers"

May 2015

Adobe 05/31/15 Miami Herald, "In Miami, a fight over how little to offer the homeless"
Adobe 05/21/15 TravelWeekly, "Miami's downtown renaissance"
Adobe 05/18/15 GlobeSt, "Is Miami Seeing a Condo Correction or No"
Adobe 05/08/15 TelemundoMiami, "La nueva burbuja"
Adobe 05/06/15 CNBC, "Hedge funds eye Florida's 'New Manhattan'"

April 2015

Adobe 04/29/15 Miami Herald, "Downtown Miami agency wins support in Tallahassee"
Adobe 04/13/15 Miami Herald - Business Monday, "MWC will create economic opportunity for overtown"
Adobe 04/10/15 Mundo Fox, "Proyecto busca convertir la emblemática Avenida Biscayne de Miami en una vía para peatones y bicicletas"
Adobe 04/10/15 Southeast Real Estate Business, "Economic developers stay busy"
Adobe 04/05/15 MiamiHerald, "Miami urban core needs more attention"
Adobe 04/05/15 MiamiHerald, "Plan for Biscayne Boulevard would remove lanes, add greenway"
Adobe 04/03/15 Daily Business Review, "After Hours_State of Downtown event"
Adobe 04/01/15 Brickell Magazine, "Elevator Commute"
Adobe 04/01/15 Miami Today, "Asked for computer funds, downtown team doubles the ante"
Adobe  04/01/15  GOTHAM, "Miami Heat"

March 2015

Adobe 03/26/15, "Miami Is Scrapping Parking Lots for Parks, Bike Lanes, and Walkability"
Adobe 03/26/15, "Biscayne Green"
Adobe 03/25/15 MiamiHerald, "Commisioner- Miami should ante up for a Tri-Rail station"
Adobe 03/25/15 Curbed Miami, "Biscayne Green is a Big Step Toward Miami's Walkable Future"
Adobe 03/25/15 City Lab, "Miami Takes a Big Step Toward Walkability"
Adobe 03/25/15 Miami Today, "Downtown authority asks that city manager push Tri-Rail deal"
Adobe 03/20/15 Univision, "Proponen nuevo proyecto peatonal en Downtown Miami"
Adobe 03/18/15 Miami Today, "Plan to cut Biscayne Boulevard car lanes has tacit state nod"
Adobe 03/17/15 Forbes, "Brazil's Top Political Satirist Is Heading To America, With Eyes On Booming Tourism Market"
Adobe 03/13/15, "Solution for South Florida gridlock - Narrower roads, fewer parking spots"
Adobe 03/13/15, "Downtown Miami plan would make Biscayne green for pedestrians, slower for cars - videos"
Adobe 03/13/15 Miami New Times, "Here's What Biscayne Boulevard Woud Look Like as a Pedestrian-Friendly Promenade"
Adobe 03/13/15 Curbed Miami, "Biscayne Boulevard Could be a Grand Downtown Promenade"
Adobe 03/10/15 Wall Street Journal, "Move Over, Mall of America - Bigger Extravaganza Planned in Miami"
Adobe 03/06/15 USAToday, "Beyond South Beach_Miamis downtown booms"
Adobe 03/05/15 Real Estate BisNow, "Downtown Miami Condo Sales to Plateau"
Adobe 03/05/15 Miami Agent Magazine, "Miami's Future Condos, Rental Rates and China"
Adobe 03/04/15 World Property Journal, "As Miami Condo Market Cools, Asians Backfil Less Latin Buyers"
Adobe 03/04/15, "Report - Downtown Miami Seeing Healthy Correction"
Adobe 03/03/15 The Real Deal, "Miami's Greater Downtown condo market cooling down - report"
Adobe 03/03/15 Miami New Times, "The End of Downtown Miami's Crazy Condo Boom May Be in Sight"
Adobe 03/03/15 Miami Herald, "Downtown condo market to cool down, report says"
Adobe 03/02/15 WLRN, "WATCH - Commissioner Sarnoff Says Downtown Miami Is Best It's Ever Been"


Miami Herald Blog, "With transit in need, a push to end Metromover's free rides"

February 2015

Adobe 02/28/15 Soul of Miami, "Photographs of State of Downtown at MDC Museum of Art & Design at the Freedom Tower"
Adobe 02/28/15, "Photo Gallery - State of Downtown celebration at Miami's Freedom Tower"
Adobe 02/28/15 Miami Herald, "Downtown Miami - A Taste of Miami"
Adobe 02/12/15 The Real Deal, "DDA plans to narrow and beautify Biscayne Boulevard"
Adobe 02/11/15 Miami Today, "Congested boulevard may shrink"
Adobe 02/05/15 Wall Street Journal online, "Rich Brazilians, Wary of Government, Look Abroad"
Adobe  02/01/15  Thomas Cook Travel Magazine, "Going Downtown"

January 2015

Adobe 01/21/15 Miami Herald, "As Miami grows, will its transit lag behind"
Adobe  01/14/15  WSVN, "Whole Foods Store Opens in Downtown Miami"

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