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Media Clippings & Videos 
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May 2017 

Adobe 05/01/17 Miami Herald Business Monday. "Miamis business community matures"
Adobe 05/01/17 Ocean Drive. "Amenity Central"

April 2017 

Adobe 04/27/17 Miami Herald. "Brickell area in line for two new schools but are they really needed"
Adobe 04/18/17 Construction Dive. "The construction lending challenge - Why winning projects have to 'check all the boxes'"
Adobe 04/16/17 Inmobiliare. "Financiamiento disponible para desarrollos en Miami"
Adobe 04/13/17 Miami Herald. "Frustrated Miami businesses guaranteed oversight of flagging Flagler Street reconstruction"
Adobe 04/13/17 Daily Business Review. "Reaching New Heights Miami's Panorama Tower Tops Off"
Adobe 04/11/17 Miami Herald. "Why Related pulled the plug on a new 298-unit luxury condo"
Adobe 04/10/17 Miami Herald. "Business Monday. InterContinental's GM on Miami's Progress"
Adobe 04/07/17 Miami Herald. "Miami real estate in 7th-inning stretch"
Adobe 04/06/17 Daily Business Review. "End of an Era- $236 Million Loan for Miami Condo"
Adobe 04/04/17 South FL Business Journal. "Brickell Flatiron condo nabs $236M construction loan as sales grow"
Adobe 04/04/17 Bloomberg News. "Miami Builder Colombo Forges Ahead With Condos Despite Slowdown"
Adobe 04/04/17 The Real Deal, CMC nabs $236M construction loan for Brickell Flatiron"
Adobe 04/04/17 Miami Herald, "Brickell Bridge Beating heart of downtown Miami in dire need of bypass surgery"
Adobe 04/03/17 Miami Herald. "The bridge that drives us mad in the middle of downtown Miami"

March 2017 

Adobe 03/28/17 Miami Today. "Good news more schools in works for downtown Miami"
Adobe  03/23/17 Miami Agent Magazine. "Average downtown Miami condo could cost $750,000 by 2025, report says"
Adobe  03/19/17 The Telegraph. "What commute How once-fusty financial districts have become hot new residential areas"
Adobe  03/16/17 Miami Herald. "Ready or not, Miamis Omni Park opens Friday"
Adobe  03/16/17 Curbed Miami. "Miamis Omni Park is holding its grand opening tomorrow"
Adobe  03/13/17 The Real Deal. "Building up Brickell"
Adobe  03/13/17 Modern Cities. "Miamis Giant Pop Up Recreates Downtown Street"
Adobe  03/10/17 JC Magazine. "Reporte Anual de Mercado Residencial de Miami"
Adobe 03/08/17 Bradenton Herald. "Worlds new largest cruise ship will sail from PortMiami"
Adobe 03/08/17 Miami Herald. "Worlds new largest cruise ship will sail from PortMiamis upcoming Royal Caribbean terminal"
Adobe 03/08/17 The Real Deal. "Downtown Miami to see surge of nearly 3,500 new condos delivered in 2017 as resale pricing falls report"
Adobe 03/08/17 Crain's Miami. "The number of new downtown Miami condos will surge this year"
Adobe 03/08/17 Miami Herald. "The number of new downtown Miami condos will surge this year -- and then fall"
Adobe 03/08/17 South FL Business Journal. "Development authority expects Miamis condo market to soften more as sales decline"
Adobe 03/07/17 Wall Street Journal. "Miami Condo Market Cools, but a Big Project Gets Financing"
Adobe 03/07/17 Daily Business Review. "Perceived Miami Condo Slowdown Could Result in Missed Opportunity"
Adobe 03/02/17 Miami Herald. "New Yorkers guide to Miami What second-home owners, investors need to know"

February 2017

Adobe 02/28/17 Crain's Miami. "Will Miami residents push for more public spaces"
Adobe 02/24/17 The Real Deal. "Flagler Streets multimillion-dollar facelift seeing big delays"
Adobe 02/23/17 MiamiHerald. "As downtown Miamis Flagler Street makeover stalls, business suffers"
Adobe 02/17/17 Time Out Miami. "Your perfect day in Downtown Miami"
Adobe 02/05/17 Huffington Post, "Biscayne Green Should Stay Downtown"
Adobe 02/01/17 MiamiHerald, "It’s actually getting cheaper to rent a place in Miami"

January 2017

Adobe 01/26/17 Daily Business Review, "Quick Biscayne Boulevard experiment ends, Flagler Street work drags on"
Adobe 01/25/17 Daily Business Review, "More apartments coming to Miami than condos"
Adobe 01/15/17   El Nuevo Herald, "Autos ceden el paso a las personas en Biscayne Boulevard por tres semanas"
Adobe 01/14/17 ElNuevoHerald, "Biscayne Green, una intervención de espacio público"
Adobe 01/12/17 WLRN, "'Injecting Green Space' To Make Way For Pedestrians On Biscayne Boulevard"
Adobe 01/12/17 Seeker, "Miami Is Turning 101 Parking Lots Into 'Pop Up' Parks"
Adobe 01/11/17 The New Tropic, "So what’s the point of pop-up parks like Biscayne Green"
Adobe 01/11/17 Co.Exist, "In Miami, they're turning part of a major road into a park"
Adobe 01/06/17 South Florida Business Journal, "Average Condo Rent Drops in Downtown Miami"
Adobe 01/06/17 Next City, "Downtown Miami Pop-Up Turns Parking Into Parks"
Adobe 01/06/17 Miami Herald, "Just for three weeks, cars will make way for people on Biscayne Boulevard"
Adobe 01/06/17 Miami Herald, "Biscayne Green - A temporary public space intervention in Miami"
Adobe 01/06/17 CBS 4 Miami, "Pop-Up Park In Downtown Miami Boasts Shops, Dog Area, Live Music"
Adobe 01/05/17 El Nuevo Herald, "Los 5 mejores conciertos gratis del mes en Downtown Miami"
Adobe 01/05/17 Curbed Miami, "Biscayne Green envisions a greener, more walkable downtown Miami"
Adobe 01/04/17 The Real Deal, "Take a look at a greener Biscayne Boulevard in downtown Miami"
Adobe 01/04/17 Revista Summa, "Residentes y turistas de Miami tendrán una nueva razón para no usar sus autos en 2017"
Adobe 01/03/17 The Real Deal, "Downtown Miami new apartments to exceed condos in 2017 - DDA report"
Adobe 01/03/17 The New Tropic, "Avoid FOMO this January at the Biscayne Green"
Adobe 01/03/17 The New Tropic, "Avoid FOMO this January at the Biscayne Green (2)"
Adobe 01/03/17 South FL Business Journal, "Average condo rents drop in greater downtown Miami"
Adobe 01/03/17, "It’s getting cheaper to live in downtown Miami"
Adobe 01/03/17 Miami New Times, "Biscayne Green Will Turn Downtown Parking Lots Into Parks"
Adobe 01/03/17 Bloomberg News. "Miami’s Building Boom Shifts to Rentals After Condos Cool - Chart"
Adobe 01/01/17 Brickell Magazine, "New Horizons"

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